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Harris, Beryl, and Vernon

Over 25 years ago Harris Carter decided to begin a new enterprise – Chehaw River Woodworks was founded.

Due to the impact of Hurricane Hugo on the Lowcountry, many treasured furniture pieces were in need of a woodworker’s attention.  Harris Carter put his tools and his training to work. With the assistance of his wife Beryl and later his son Vernon, the business has become the largest provider of furniture restorations services in South Carolina.

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Overcoming the Great Storm

Post and Courier (Sept. 26, 1989)

Post and Courier (Sept. 26, 1989)

After the year or so needed to rebuild and restore their Isle of Palms home and furnishings the Carters were ready to open Chehaw River Woodworks to customers.  The company was named for the “Old Chehaw River” in the Ace River basin south of Edisto Island. January 1, 1991 work space on Venning Road was rented, and the work repairing and refinishing furniture began.

In November 1991 the operation moved to the Sea Island Shopping Center where a retail storefront and wood repair shop were established. Over the next five years the business expanded and grew-occupying two storefronts by 1995.  The need to expand to a a commercial space prompted the purchase of the “Whites Motor Court.”  The Motel was renovated and buildings were connected to house the new workshop.

Like Father Like Son

Two years prior, the Carter’s son Vernon began repairing furniture. Beginning in February 1994, Vernon joined the company full time.  Three significant milestones occurred during 1998- the company transitioned from spiral notebook to computer, the company was officially incorporated, and Mr. Joseph Mazyck joined the team. (2018 marked his 20th anniversary)

After ten years of service to his Father’s company the shop in Mt. Pleasant transitioned to Vernon’s leadership.

New Locations and Services

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111 Cash Ave. Lake City SC

Harris and Beryl moved to Lake City, Harris’ home town.  Not long after, the decision was made to expand to a second location. In June 2004 a warehouse was converted to a full service workshop that began serving the wider Pee Dee region of the state.

The acquisition of The Brass Shop of Mt. Pleasant in June 2013. Launching their sister division, “Chehaw River Brassworks,” expanding the company’s services to include refinishing and  repair of copper, brass and silver.

Today Chehaw River Woodworks and a sister company Chehaw River Brassworks are still here for the people of the Lowcountry and far beyond.  The company serves clients in New York, Florida, and regular customers closer by in Georgetown, Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head.  Two locations are equipped to provide our many restoration services.



Woodworking shop brings old furniture back to life – Post and Courier – 2009

Old stuff collecting around town – Post and Courier – 1994